100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music


The Stories Behind the Music that Changed our Lives Forever


by Tori Taff et. al.


(Integrity Publishers)


Reader Appeal: Teens and Adults


Genre: Non-Fiction / Music


100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music is the perfect coffee table gift for the Contemporary Christian music fan in your life. This book is a light read filled with rich photographs, interesting sidebars, and facts about the most influential songs to come out of the Christian music industry over the past several decades.


The writers of CCM (formerly Contemporary Christian Music magazine) sifted through over 30 years of Christian rock, gospel, pop, blues, rap, R&B, and Southern Gospel in an attempt to find their top 100 songs. As you read their list, you’ll accumulate a sense of the history of the genre, one chart topper at a time.


I discovered CCM during the 1980’s when artists like Keith Green and Petra were the cover artists of the day. These familiar artists comfortably share the pages of 100 Greatest Songs with relatively recent hitmakers like Nichole Nordemon, POD, and Audio Adrenaline--a pleasant mingling of old and new. After all, it’s not often that my music and the music of my son find a common hearing.


Of course, a book that attempts to rank Christian Music’s 100 greatest songs, begs the question, “can it be done?” By it’s very nature, the task is incredibly subjective. Personally, I’d expect to see Nichole Nordemon’s haunting “To Know You” to have made the cut, but hey, I’d also want to see John Coltrane's “Love Supreme” on the list. On this list, however, radio-ready pop music reigns supreme...and I think that’s OK. The purposes of these lists is to get fans talking and if CCM is your thing, this book will certainly get you remembering and talking about your favorite Christian hits. So go ahead, make 100 Greatest Songs in Christian Music your guilty pleasure next time you're ready to relax with a good book in hand.





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