What is PopFam?

PopFam exists to help you talk about pop culture with your kids.


This is your family's free entertainment e-magazine. We’ve found that when parents and kids talk about pop culture, those conversations build relationships, enhance entertainment experiences, and strengthen family ties through common interests. Pretty cool.


To that end, PopFam takes seriously its role in entertainment journalism, covering pop culture from a parent's perspective with interviews and commentary on movies, books, comics, live event, fan conventions, music, concerts, and anything else that makes an impression on American society. We look for ways that parents can use kids' natural attraction to movies, music, books, and such as a bridge for relating to, and strengthening friendships with, their kids.


And we give away free stuff to our readers every month too.


Yeah, it's pretty fun.


From a corporate perspective, PopFam is a non-commercial publication of Nappaland Communications Inc. As such, this e-magazine operates under an ongoing grant from Nappaland. That allows us to deliver this e-magazine, and ancillary content and materials, free of charge to our readers. 

About Our History

PopFam.com has its roots in late 1999, when Nappaland Communications Inc. founder and president Mike Nappa first jumped onto the Internet bandwagon to begin planning the creation and publication of Nappaland.com "The Free E-Magazine for Families." After months of creative work and planning, the original Nappaland.com launched its first issue in spring of 2000. (For those of you who remember it, we had an, um, interesting orange theme running through the pages in those days! Don't ask us why. We were young, and we liked orange at the time. Hey, we all make mistakes.)


"We wanted to do something for readers," Mike Nappa says, "something that would encourage them and that wouldn't cost them anything. We felt like had been freely given us unique talents and resources, and we wanted freely give of those resources in response. 


"We are professional authors, and so we have to earn our living from our writing. But we realized one day that while we had to write to earn money, not everything we wrote had to earn money. So we started brainstorming what we could give away in terms of our time and talent, and Nappaland.com was the result."


Over the years, that e-magazine has grown, syndicated content in numerous other websites and online outlets (at one point even spawning a short-lived radio show!), and yes, changed it’s name from time to time until January 2016 when it was rebranded to its current state: PopFam: Pop Culture for Parents. 


And that, dear reader, is how we got to where we are today. 

About Reprints

PopFam offers free reprints to non-commercial publications such as free websites, blogs, newsletters, school newspapers, and more. Find out all the details at our Reprints Guidelines page.

About Getting Press Coverage on PopFam.com

If you're interested in getting media coverage in our magazine, please check out our Press Guidelines

About Advertising on PopFam.com

At present PopFam doesn't accept outside advertising. (Sorry!) Our philosophy has been to reward our content contributors and our publishing partners, such as companies who donate products for giveaways, companies whose products we review in the magazine, or companies who publish products by PopFam.com authors with free ads, as appropriate, on the site. Other than that, we do not accept offers to buy ad space or swap links or things such as that. (Again, sorry!) 

About Writing for PopFam

If you are interested in writing for our magazine, please check out our Submission Guidelines.

And that's it! We hope you will enjoy your time browsing the pages of the PopFam.com E-Magazine—and that you'll tell all your friends and family members about us as well.. We're glad you stopped by today.




The Editors at PopFam.com 

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